Categories of Water Damage

The thorny thing about water damages is that homeowners are usually not aware of it while it is happening. Water can be infinitely accumulating without one’s knowledge, as a result of which, massive water damages result in structural damages and mold infections. It is, however, vital to note that although at times water damages are inconspicuous to the naked eyes, there are times, on the contrary wherein the  occurrence of water damages is visible. For instance, water damages due to overflowing toilets and bathtubs are few such incidents that lead to water damages.

To conclude, it is profoundly significant to take professional assistance from experienced restoration technicians such as Malibu water damage restoration specialists in order to escape further structural damages.

Categories Of Water Damage Malibu CA

Gain an understanding of these different types of water. Read further to know.

Clean water:

Oftentimes, when the water comes from a leaky roof that allows the rain water to barge in the home, the water is deemed to be clean. Or, perhaps, the water damage could be caused due to an overflow of bathtubs or leaky sink, the water here too is deemed to be clean. Broadly speaking, clean water does not pose any health risk and is much easier to repair and restore. Having said that, it may, sometimes, lead to formation of mold in the kitchen or bathroom area. Therefore, it is imperative to dry the water thoroughly before it gets late. In such situations, it is advisable to contact professional Malibu water damage specialists at 310-579-6267, who are qualified and trained to restore the affected areas.

Grey water:

Water that falls in this category is slightly contaminated, which is the result of lack of neglect shown at the time of restoring clean water. Surely, clean water can become grey water if no proper restoration measures are effectively employed on time. Grey water can also be a result of washing machine or toilet overflows.

Remember, grey water is hazardous and needs immediate treatment. Don’t start the restoration process on your own as it could be injurious to health. Always contact professionals to get the job done.

Black water:

Black water is the most dangerous and hazardous type of water damage. Black water can be a cause of sewage damage or a result of natural disasters. Since black water is highly toxic, it is best to let the water damage professional of Malibu handle the damages. Since we have advanced equipments and experienced corrective measures in place, it is easier for us to restore black water damages. Do not put yourself at risk by handling black water or any water damages on your own.

Let 24×7 Emergency Water Damage Restoration Specialists of Malibu do the job!

Before employing the water damage restoration process, it is imperative to understand and be aware of different types of water. It is strongly advisable to know these different types of water, so that when you deal with our 24×7 emergency water damage restoration specialists of Malibu, you know exactly how is the restoration process carried out.

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